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Living in Union City NJ Guide ☀️ | Tips & What to Know About Moving to Union City
Located in Hudson County and referred to as “Havana on the Hudson” due to the large amount of Cuban-Americans who live there, Union City boasts a rich history, a strategic location, and a reputation for its unique charm. From its humble beginnings as a diverse immigrant community to its modern-day prominence as a hub of […]
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Moving to Rumson NJ? 🌳 | Here’s Why You’ll Love Living in Rumson New Jersey!
Rumson, NJ, is a small borough that was incorporated on June 18th, 1907. The name Rumson dates back to when Europeans bought the land from Lenape Native Americans after shortening it from the original name Navarumsunk. The area of Rumson is nicknamed Oceanic, Black Point, and Port Washington. Rumson, NJ, is best known for being […]
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Newark NJ Crime Rate [2023] 👮 | Is Newark NJ Safe? [Statistics, Crime Map + More]
Prosperity is nothing new in Newark! Between 2019 and 2020, the median household income in Newark grew by 6.5%, with residents making nearly $2,300 more. Newark is a great place to live, with terrific schools, exhilarating activities, and terrific jobs. But is Newark safe? It’s true that the city has a reputation for a high […]
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Jersey City Cost of Living [2023] 💰 | Average Cost of Living in Jersey City [Rent, Salary, Home Prices + More]
Jersey City is known for being an expensive city, but with low crime rates, it's a great place to raise a family and call home. Whether you're looking to move to Jersey City from another state or a different city in NJ, Jersey City is a great choice! Jersey City Cost of Living Index A […]
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Living in Chatham NJ Guide 🌞 | What to Know About Moving to Chatham New Jersey!
Chatham is a city that was first settled in 1710 and was known as John Day's Bridge. It was renamed Chatham in 1773 in honor of Sir William Pitt, who was a British Prime minister and the first Earl of Chatham. Chatham is famous for its rose growing industry, specifically, the American Beauty Rose. The […]
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Moving to Ramsey NJ? | 🏡 COMPLETE Guide to Living in Ramsey Borough
Ramsey is a historic borough of New Jersey and suburb of New York City, known for its history, community, architecture, and quality of life. Initially occupied by the Lenape, European settlement of the area began at least by the dawn of the 18th century, with the oldest building in the borough, the Historic Old Stone […]
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NJ DMV Change of Address 📭 | Guide to NJ Change of Address [License, Utilities, Taxes, USPS & More]
Planning a move in New Jersey? One of the big tasks on your moving checklist is changing your address. If you’re staying in New Jersey, you’ll need to complete a New Jersey motor vehicle change of address, update your voter registration, and transfer utilities. You’ll also need to update your address with financial institutions, insurance […]
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Living in Hoboken vs Jersey City 🆚 | Pros & Cons of Jersey City vs Hoboken
Are you torn between living in Jersey City versus Hoboken? Jersey City is known for its numerous historical landmarks and points of interest; it's home to Liberty Island National Park, Ellis Island Immigration Station, and the Statue of Liberty. Jersey City has two mottos: "Let Jersey Prosper" and "Jersey City, Make It Yours." The city […]
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Cost of Living in Hoboken NJ [2023] | 💲 Is Hoboken Expensive?
Hoboken is a happening city in Hudson County, New Jersey, right across the river from New York City. It's often considered a suburb of Manhattan with its own local culture and identity. With skyline views and an easy commute into the city, living in Hoboken is ideal for young professionals and families looking for more […]
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Is Paterson NJ a Good Place to Live? 🏡 | Complete Guide to Moving to Paterson
Paterson NJ is a northern New Jersey city-suburb that overlaps New York. It’s arguably the closest you can get to living in New York without taking on the high cost of living, which is part of Paterson’s appeal. Paterson was named for William Paterson, a statesman, governor, Supreme Court Justice, and signer of the Constitution. […]
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